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June 19
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Home-made Pop Tarts by cakecrumbs Home-made Pop Tarts by cakecrumbs
I never grew up with Pop Tarts, though just about everyone I know seems to have a childhood story about them. I always saw them on telly as a kid but wasn't allowed to have them. Then they kind of disappeared for a while. They've recently made a return here so I picked up a packet with my partner and indulged my curiosity and his nostalgia. They were nice enough, but they did taste like fake. So I decided I needed to make some home made versions. 

For me these were going to be all about the pastry. I wanted a short butter pastry that could take on a similar biscuit-like texture to the original pop tarts. I settled on using a pasta frolla, and oh man was it the perfect choice. This is one of my favourite pie pastries for a reason: it's incredible. 

The fillings, from top to bottom:
- fresh apple and cinnamon
- apricot jam
- home-made strawberry jam
- nutella

I decided to ice half for nostalgic reasons, and leave the others un-iced. Those I sprinkled with raw sugar, and in the case of the apple cinnamon one MOAR cinnamon. 

Here's the recipe

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damianesunnombre Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  New member
Wonderful, looks very delicious!Imagination 
SorbetBerry Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist
these are so cute :D I never liked poptarts, too sweet for me!
I think apple cinnamon would probably be my favorite here! yum. it's so cute >U<
nati11184 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh goodness :drool:
Koppo Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
wow, look much better than a pop tart.
Azellight Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Kokorookaikasuru Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Wonderful! I'm going to try these on my own. Like you, I never had pop-tarts around as a kid, but it was mostly because my mom is a health-nut, and as soon as five year old me ran up to her and she saw the 3" ingredients list she made me put them back. Although I'm grown and I don't have to be concerned about her opinions, she raised me with a taste for the natural so regular pop-tarts just don't cut it for me. These may just be a solution to my pop-tart lacking life!
OxideTheShadow Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
Pop Tarts are pretty nice, but they do sometimes taste a bit fake like you said, and possibly filled with more sugar than needed. When I see homemade pop tarts like this though I think they're most likely better tasting and healthier than regular ones owo
caballero-nocturno Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
I'm hungry...Get in my belly! I'm hungry...Get in my belly! I'm hungry...Get in my belly! I'm hungry...Get in my belly! I'm hungry...Get in my belly! I'm hungry...Get in my belly! 
aphid777 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
You're killing me! :XD:  Gotta try this sometime.. especially that nutella one! :dummy:
XxSmilesmakecaikxX Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
I totally agree. Poptarts taste so fake. This looks like it would taste so much better.

Just in case I do beg to make it, is the texture or taste extremely buttery?
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