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August 21, 2012
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Tutorial: Rolled Fondant by cakecrumbs Tutorial: Rolled Fondant by cakecrumbs
[ETA] I'm re-doing my tutorials to make them more dA-friendly.

I get asked all the time for tips and recipes regarding fondant. I finally decided to put up a tutorial about it.

This tute gives my standard recipe for making rolled fondant. I've also included my 3 main tips for ensuring your first time with fondant goes much more smoothly than mine did.

The blog has more details about the glycerol, as well as tips for your first time with fondant, along with a printable version of the recipe: [link]

It's worth noting that rolled fondant is more expensive, time consuming and is less forgiving than marshmallow fondant. If you're just covering a cake MMF is a much cheaper and easier alternative, particularly for the beginning.

Other tutes:

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Biniwood Jun 14, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
Gosh I wish I knew about this tutorial when I was doing cake making. I used the likes of Lindy Smith and Mich Turner's recipes and both just ended in disaster! This one just looks so amazing and easy to do! (For a baker, that is!) I shall definitely have to try it when the Biniwood Bakery is more active later on in the year :heart:

Thanks for sharing! :heart:
I hope it brings you more success than you've had in the past!
HollyIST May 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
what exactly does the liquid glucose in there?

I made the fondant without and - well it was NOT quite easy to handle.. it got dry very quickly and when dyed it
was crumbly and the edges werent smooth and just cracked all the time ... ^^' also if I added some more water it got too sticky and when I added sugar and glycerol it got dry very fast again.... :/ wasnt quite as easy to handle as I
had imagined...

I fear there was something I have done wrong ;D - and the only thing I didnt use, which you did, was the liquid glucose, because... well in fact that is only liquid sugar, isnt it? and so I figured that it wouldnt make much difference if I left it out...

ok there is one other thing -- the dye I also used liquid dye on a part of the fondant-dough but it didnt behave much different than the white one.

what is the white fondant dough like - is it a little sticky or really smooth?
or what do you think I have done wrong?
There's a lot of reasons as to why fondant doesn't work, but in this case I think it's simply a matter of not following the recipe. The glucose is essential. It prevents crystallisation of the sugar. Leaving out an ingredient when following a recipe is a sure way to get undesired results.

Adding water to fondant is a massive no-no. It dissolves the sugar, making it sticky and unworkable.

Liquid food colouring is similarly a massive no-no. You need to use gel paste or powdered food colouring.

When you get fondant right, it will feel like a firm dough, but be soft to the touch. It will be slightly sticky, which is why you need to dust your work surface when using it.
HollyIST May 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ yeah I figured as much - but I wanted to make sure what it was

thx for explaining - but getting the glucose is not easy here in europe --
amazon has it though ;)
I think some other countries call it corn syrup instead.
ginas-cakes Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Bahaha, I don't think you'll need it. :nod:
ginas-cakes Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Well......I've never ever made my own :ashamed: I've reserched it, but I'm going to try yours out first when I do:D
HAHA. That emote. I'm crying. :lmao:

I totally assumed you made it. Now that you mention it, most people I know who make cakes have never made their own. Which brand do you use? And do you buy it pre-coloured? Everyone tells me Wilton is great to use but tastes horrible - I've never tried it.

I've never used pre-coloured fondant but I use store bought fondant for fan art cakes now cause if no one's going to eat it then it's a waste of the good stuff! But if I'm using a lot of red or black or any non-pastel colour really I always make it from scratch because it is a gazillion times easier to colour at the start than the end. The best is if I need a lot of brown or red cause then I use strawberry marshmallows -- it tastes incredible and takes less food colouring to colour.
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